Racetrack - Drift Practice

Racetrack - Drift Practice:

Now that you've completed drift school and skidpan drift practice it's time to hit the track!

Using Winton Motor Raceway short track you'll get a taste of one fo the best racetracks in Australia.

Open track means plenty of flow and you get to drive with your friends.

This event is also perfect for pro drivers needing some practice or to shake down their vehicles.

Event details

  • Winton club circuit (short track)

  • Low driver cap for maximum seat time

  • No Cage required

  • Open track (No groups)

  • Track open 9am to 5pm

  • Event suits intermediate to pro drivers

Additional Information:
Drift Cadet programs are design for drivers to learn advance driving techniques and vehicle skid control.

Reckless driving and poor treatment of the event crew, racetrack & or venue will not be tolerated and may forfeit your drive.
No HOONINg, anti-social behavior or BURNOUTS.


All activity Booking are Non-refundable.


  • Access to Racetrack

  • CAMS Level 2 Speed Licence

What to bring:

  • A vehicle that meets regulations

  • Extra Wheels & Tyres

  • Safety Helmet meeting Australian standards

  • Long sleeves and long pants

  • Enclosed Footwear

Frequently Asked Questions:


Winton Motor Raceway - Skidpan

41 Fox Street, Winton VIC 3673

Sign in & scruntineer - 7:30am

Racetrack Driving - 9:00am to 5:00pm

Venue closes - 6:00pm


  • Ages 16 and over (Must be accompanied by guardian for under 18 year of age)

  • Must completed Drift School and Skidpan drift practice.
    Please refer to Driver Pathway

  • Not beginner friendly (Please CLICK HERE)

Event Supplementary Regulations

  • Supplementary regulations

EVENT CHANGES - COVID-19 Track Regulations (subject to change as Government eases restrictions)

  • For all upcoming events, changes will be implemented to keep all participants and drivers safe

  • No Spectators or Passengers

  • One(1) pit crew per driver

  • No refreshments provided (Please bring your own drinks and lunch

  • No tyre changing service available

  • Maintain social distancing measure 1.5 metres

  • Hand Sanitizers provided around the venue. Please use regularly

  • Drivers and pit crew are reccomended to download COVIDSafe App


Under no circumstances should anyone with symptoms consistent with COVID-19 attend the event.

This includes any fever, respiratory symptoms, shortness of breath, sore throat, cough, fatigue, or lack of sense of smell.

Under no circumstances should anyone attend the event if they have been:

i.     overseas in the previous 14 days: or

ii.    in contact with someone who has been overseas in the previous 14 days: or

iii.   in contact with a known COVID-19 positive case in the previous 14 days

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