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Victorian State Drift Championship

Drift Competition:

Drivers battle for points in a round robin style tournament where all drivers get a chance to battle with each other.

The goal of the competition is to provide lots of battle practice while keeping a fair playing field with our strict tyre rule.

Our tyre rule also allows the focus to be on driver skills and not vehicle set up or budget.

Points from each round are tallied to decided the Victorian State Drift Champion.

Event details

  • Winton skidpan

  • Round robin style tournament

  • Maximum 235 rear tyre width set at 50psi

  • Rear road tyres brands (Road X or Sailun reccomended)

  • Low driver cap

  • No cage required

  • Track opens 9am to 5:00pm

  • Event suits intermediate to pro drivers

  • Passengers TBA (Pending covid restrictions)

Additional Information:
Drift Cadet events are design for drivers to enjoy motorsport in a safe and controlled environment.

Reckless driving and poor treatment of the event crew, racetrack & or venue will not be tolerated and may forfeit your drive.
No HOONING, anti-social behavior or BURNOUTS.


All activity Booking are Non-refundable.


  • Access to Racetrack

What to bring:

  • A vehicle that complies with regulations

  • Motorsport Austraila Level 2 speed license

  • Extra Wheels & Tyres

  • Safety Helmet meeting Australian standards

  • Long sleeves and long pants

  • Enclosed Footwear


  • Ages 16 and over (Must be accompanied by a guardian for under 18 years of age)

  • Must complete Drift Cadet Drift School and/or Skidpan drift practice.
    Please refer to Driver Pathway

  • Not beginner friendly (Please CLICK HERE)

  • Vehicles taking passengers required full roll cage with side intrusion built to Motorsport Australia specifications


Winton Motor Raceway - Skidpan

41 Fox Street, Winton VIC 3673

Sign in & scruntineer - 7:30am

Drift Competition - 9:00am to 4:30pm

Venue closes - 6:00pm

Frequently Asked Questions:

Event Supplementary Regulations

  • Supplementary regulations

Events affected by Covid-19 restrictions

Participants have the following options:

-Booking rolled over to the next drift practice event.

-Booking changed to credit to use for other Drift Cadet events or merchandise

-Booking cancelled and a refund given minus $55 cancellation fee.

Championship Standings

Round 1

1 - Jason Ferron

2 - Justin Gruener

3 - Jia Pu

4 - James Ioannidis

4 - Jesse Scott

5 - Ben Loft

6 - Jordan Tzovlas

7 - Daniel Ridley

8 - Brandon Surace

9 - Dylan Taylor

10 - Alex Korosa

11 - Matt Grice

12 - Antony Hoppe

13 - Shane Manson

14 - Catherine May