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Drift Cadet

Dunlop Direzza Z3 Tyre

Dunlop Direzza Z3 Tyre

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This tyre follows the evolution of the illustrious Z1 & Z2, a new class of street legal race tyre. It delivers an unheard-of level of performance for a street tyre, yet docile enough for everyday use. It incorporates slightly reduced tread depth, high stability pattern, race tyre construction and high grip compound, yet complies with all regulations as a street tyre. Expect improved levels of grip over the Z2, in both wet and dry conditions.

Drift Cadet use Dunlop Direzza Z3 on the front wheels on all our drift cars.

Dunlop Direzza Z3 great grip and confident to drive hard knowing that the vehicle will go the direction you steer.

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